Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Celebrating 25 Golden Years of Importing Russian Gifts Fit for a Czar


What started as a year-long mission trip to the Soviet Union to build bridges of peace between adversaries has blossomed into a 25-year-old partnership between Americans and Russians to bring our countries closer together.  Since 1993 Golden Cockerel has been making Russia's finest nesting dolls and sharing them with world, Matryoshka serving as a smiling ambassador of Russia's good will.  We made it!!!  25 Golden Years!  Your patronage through thick and thin has kept us going.  Thank You!!


Celebrate 25 with us! Order 25 or more unique SKUs of our over 250 Russian Imperial Porcelain figurines in any quantity and get 25% OFF your entire order of figurines!  That's 25% off even of our many astounding sale prices. Now is a great time to try out the figurines if you haven't, or to do some major restocking if you already carry them.  Offer expires 25th of December.  Just mention Golden25 when ordering and we'll deduct the 25% -- Happy 25 to us!


Walton & the Golden Cockerel team


Open Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm EST.    Closed Sunday.


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