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This exquisite miniature egg pendant is the real thing...hand crafted in Russia.  Made of silver with gold overlay, the pendant's true charm comes from the special style of enamel work made famous by Karl Faberge, jeweler to Czar Nicholas II.  This guilloche style of jewelry calls for laborious work to make filigree engravings in the silver, upon which hot, translucent enamel is poured.  The result is, well, charming!  Many, if not all, of the Faberge eggs gifted to the Czar and his family were made in this style.  This pendant was crafted at the "Russkiye Samotsvety"  jewelry workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia, address #8 Karl Faberge Square.  

The White Carousel pendant measures roughly 1" with green, red and white gem stones.

 Why did Faberge make jewelry in the egg shape?  The egg is a symbol of life itself, and of budding life, offering the suggestion that hope springs eternal.  Keep this ancient tradition alive and gift your Czarina with one of our exquisite egg pendants, and may the optimism it brings be a blessing upon you and your progeny.

White Carousel Gem Pendant

  • White Carousel Gem Pendant

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