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We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls

Custom Russian Matryoshkas: Family Photo Custom Nesting Dolls

Interested in having us make a custom nesting doll for you? It's affordable, and fun. Send us your snapshops and we'll create a custom Russian nesting doll depicting your family, friends, whatever! This works well both for a single gift, or for a whole batch of custom promotional items. Personalized custom nesting dolls unleashed!

Russian Nesting Dolls and Toy Safety

Nesting Dolls and Toy Safety

Golden Cockerel makes lead-free, non-toxic Russian nesting dolls and Russian crafts that are safe for your children. However, many matryoshka dolls have small parts that present choking hazards, and not every doll we sell is made at our workshop, under our scrutiny. Read about the ins and outs of nesting doll safety.

The History of the Russian Nesting Doll

The History of the Russian Nesting Doll

When, where, and how was the first matryoshka made? Nesting doll history is fascinating. Learn about the nesting doll's history, a journey from simple toy to folk icon.

Russian Nesting Dolls Painted with our Blank Nesting Dolls: Cust

Nesting Dolls Our Customers Have Painted

Looking for inspiration for painting your nesting doll? Take a look at some of the Russian matryoshka masterpieces our customers have created from blank nesting dolls!

DYI Volga Maiden Nesting Doll Kit Video

See DYI Volga Maiden Nesting Doll Kit Video & Art Gallery

Watch how easy you can paint a nesting doll using Golden Cockerel's DYI Volga Maiden Nesting Doll Kit.

Give an Artful lift

How Russian Nesting Dolls Are Made:  Interview with matryoshka a

How Russian Nesting Are Made: Interview with an Artist

“If I were to write a book about nesting dolls” says Golden Cockerel’s chief nesting doll designer Misha Yudin, “I’d not necessarily write about how dear or how beautiful they are, but about how difficult they are to make, what tedious, painstaking work it takes.”
This comes from the man who has dedicated his last 15 years to nesting doll production; to say he knows what he’s talking about is an understatement.

In 2001 we invited him to oversee our matryoshka workshop, where now he wears many hats: chief designer, artistic teacher, productivity manager, even creative visionary. His signature belongs on each of the countless dolls that we produce.
To learn more about nesting dolls and Misha Yudin, read a full length interview with the artist.

World's Smallest Nesting Dolls!

World's Smallest Nesting Dolls

How small can a nesting doll get? How tall is the world's smallest matryoshka? Read on to find out!

Watch Nesting Doll Videos

Watch Nesting Doll Videos

Kick back and watch some of our favorite videos featuring nesting dolls.
World's Largest Nesting Dolls!

World's Largest Nesting Dolls

How large can a nesting doll get? How tall is the world's largest matryoshka? Read on to find out!

Retail Festival & Show Schedule

Start your Christmas shopping early at one of our Greek festivals or Christmas shows. We bring our stocking stuffers down off the mountain to the flat lands of North Carolina and beyond so you can hand pick the perfect gift. Russian stuff at Greek festivals? These community gatherings celebrate the culture and Orthodox church; the Greeks and Russians share a common religion. Come celebrate with us!

An Introduction to Russian Porcelain

The History of Russian Porcelain

Learn more about the history of Russian porcelain (aka, fine china) with this brief overview. Happy reading!

St. Petersburg, Russia - the inconceivable city!

The Inconceivable City

Today we are offering clips from one show: St. Petersburg: The Inconceivable City, with the 2nd part of a double feature coming eventually, I hope. The show features slides I took during various Russian sojourns from 1991-1996. If you have been to Russia, I hope you will enjoy my perspective and/or a trip down memory lane. For those who haven't been yet, I hope the show offers a subtle taste of an exotic land. "Priyatnovo Apetita!"
Verkhnie Mandrogi - New Life of A Russian Village

New Life of A Russian Village

Once upon a time there was a small village named Verkhnie Mandrogi, or "Upper Falls" in the language of the locals. It lay 170 miles north-east of St. Petersburg, on the bank of Svir, a beautiful river running from Lake Ladoga to Lake Onega, right on the way from the Baltic to the Volga...

Bargain of the Day

$ 15.00
$ 11.25  Save $3.75!

This bright little bird figurine is made in St. Petersburg with the fine quality porcelain produced by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. Why look at pictures of robins when you can have the real thing? The vibrant color and shine of this Lomonosov porcelain bird figurine will make you want to sing.
Size: 4" x 1.5" x 2.5", 2.7 oz.

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