Malevich Nesting Cone 3pc./6"

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This item qualifies for "CSPIA: Child Friendly" designation. It was painted at the Golden Cockerel workshop (not cottage industry) with paints that we have certified as non-toxic through expensive 3rd party testing. This item doesn't have attachments which might break off under stress and produce sharp edges.

Out of Stock till January 31, 2023

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100% Natural Linden Wood

CSPIA: Child Friendly

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Ever see a matryoshka inspired by the avant-garde paintings of Kazimir Malevich? At the Golden Cockerel workshop, our avant-garde artists decided that a nesting cone would best pay tribute to this celebrated artist, who pioneered geometric abstract art and pushed forward the Suprematist movement. While Stalin's artists were bent on Social Realism, Malevich came out with people who looked like...well...the folks you see on one side of this nesting cone.On the other side, find Malevich's collages of shapes and colors that seem freshly tumbled out of a kaleidoscope. Which is front and which is back? You'll have to decide depending on what kind of mood you are in.No doubt, though, the mood of the lucky person who receives this unique gift will be lifted to the heavens! The bottom is initialed and dated and stamped with Golden Cockerel's logo.
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