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The balalaika shape of this music box inspires us to think of the Russian folk soul.  Turn the key of the musical element hidden within to hear it play the folk melody "Katyusha" and imagine yourself in a cozy wayside cabin listening to peasant revelry on a winter's evening--the essence of the Russian folk soul come alive!.  This decorative wooden balalaika music box features a scene from one of Russia's most famous fairy tales, Prince Ivan and the Firebird, adding yet another layer of "Russian-ness" to delight the Russophile.  The back is colorfully decorated, too, blending decoupage elements with hand painted frills.  9.5" tall x 6" wide x 3" deep.


Firebird Balalaika Music Box

  • Firebird Balalaika Music Box
  • Firebird Balalaika Music Box
  • Firebird Balalaika Music Box

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