Finift Yellow Goroshek Earrings

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These beautiful enamel earrings are hand made in Rostov, Russia.  The hand-painted enamel "stone" is double sided and is about the size of a pea (measuring only .4"), hence the name "Goroshek" which means "pea" in Russian.  The filigree work is made of German silver (cupronickel alloy).  Finift enamel jewelry is prized among Russian ladies.  Go Russian, and enjoy the lasting beauty of this hand painted enamel jewelry! Given that they are all hand made, no two pair are exactly alike.

 Russian enamelling dates back to the late 1100's  when colored enamels were considered to be the most expensive and beautiful of items. These enameled articles (also called "finifts," which comes from the Greek word for white stone) were influenced by Byzantium, but with time, the art of enamelling acquired traditionally Russian features, reflecting the country's passion for color and luster.  This emphasis on design and color was so intense that in the 1800's, the old Russian town Rostov the Great became famous for its rich, artistic traditions inenamelling--traditions which have been developed and preserved by generations of Russian artists.  

The art of Rostov enamelling begins with a copper plate which is covered with white enamel powder, then coated with successive layers of subtle, distinctive enamel pigments, each being fired in a kiln at a particular temperature so as imbue each piece with the rich color scheme typical of Russian enamelling. The sparkle and purity of the colors turn each piece of enamel into a piece of art which is uniquely Russian and unforgettably beautiful.

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