Create Bespoke Nesting Doll

Searching for a stylish, unique and very clever marketing tool? Personalized, meaningful and highly collectible? Golden Cockerel has been turning savvy business ideas into marketing gold for 26 years. We help businesses large and small design and produce promotional campaigns that win and continue to endure. Maybe you’re dreaming about a one-of-a-kind gift for your family or loved one, or even your son’s soccer team. How about a wedding matryoshka or a nesting doll all about Grandpa. No limit on what your imagination and our Russian workshop can create.
I appreciate all of your hard work and the time we have spent going back and forth to make a great idea come to reality. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your craftsmanship is much appreciated. Please assist me in thanking your team for a job well done.




Digital design & 3D rendering
We can reproduce your design or use your brand book to create a design from scratch.
Accuracy is in the details
All important elements are digitally printed. This guarantees a consistent look and feel.
Timely delivery and superior quality
We guarantee your timeline and delivery schedule, as well as quality control at each stage of production.

Bespoke custom matryoshka –

non-standart solution for traditional tasks

We don't just transfer your logo to a finished product. We make your logo an organic part of the design that speaks out your message. The message is expressed through the shape - unique or traditional, background colours following your brand book, character style - hand painted picture or vector graphics. Even a number of dolls in the set can be meaningful.

Your bespoke nesting doll will perfectly match your marketing campaign. It will accurately reproduce any existing character or typography appearing in other media. Being hand made, matryoshka keeps the warmth from natural wood and human hands that worked on it. This is the reason why custom nesting dolls become collectibles after the event they were dedicated to is over.

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Google Android nesting doll
Coca Cola nesting can
Russian Hockey Federation nesting doll
Eni nesting doll
Avaya nesting doll
Dow nesting doll
Nescafe nesting doll
Manchester United nesting doll
Rosneft USB nesting doll
Microsoft nesting doll
Hublot nesting doll
Nike Snowboard nesting doll
Nutricia nesting doll
Burton nesting doll
Sochi Autodrom nesting doll

What idea a custom nesting doll may represent?

Many in one
Emphasise the main features of your product, brand or event. Share the values of you brand. Every element is important in their unity.
Variety in a product line
Show the key products, services or capabilities in their hierarchy of newness, popularity, or simply as you like it.
One team
An affiliate network, a happy family, a dream team, team leader or heroes - make an accent on connections and relationships.
How did it start? How did the business look years ago? Custom matryoshka will help to mark the important stage points.
Getting smaller
Your product become smaller but still brings the same big value to customers. Matryoshka will illustrate this perfectly.
Custom nesting dolls are hand made from 100% linden wood, a renewable natural resource. Keep it exposed to show that you care about environment.
Anything Russian
Fill up the traditional shape with your unique content relating your brand or event to Russia or anything Russian.
Clone the success
Emphasise your success by cloning it element by element, doll by doll. More and more!

Ready to create your own

bespoke custom nesting doll?

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Bespoke Custom Nesting Doll – Donroad
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