Babushka Nesting Doll 5pc./4"

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Babushka lives on her own in a cottage where everything is as neat as a pin. But she is so busy cleaning and polishing that she hardly notices the miraculous events going on around her. Then a mysterious dream leads her to put her daily worries aside and set out to find a special baby. On her journey, she learns that the more you give away in love, the more you will receive. Readers of all ages and beliefs will be charmed and captivated by this poignant Russian folk tale. Children young and old will adore Sophie Fatus's beautiful folk-art illustrations, which our artists have carried onto a charming nesting doll so that the story can be opened up, doll by doll. It's a pleasant peasant nesting doll in its own right, but having the companion book makes it special. This is a most playful nativity-themed doll. 


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