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Navigating the Web Store

Store Navigator

For your convenience, each item is assigned a category and subcategory. Golden Cockerel On-Line offers three principal ways of navigating through the web store by item category. In all cases, you must be in the web store to find and use these navigation tools.

  • Item category links are listed on the left sidebar. Following a particular category link brings one to view all items in that category. Thus, you might view all items in the web store by systematically following one category link after another. Click on the Subcategories >> link at the top of the page to expose a list of subcategory links. Follow any one of the subcategory links to narrow the field of items in view.
  • The Store Navigator exists in two formats, both of which offer an excellent launching pad for exploring the store:
    • Thumbnails, to provide a visual overview of product categories and subcategories. Follow the Store Navigator link at the top of the web store page to find this overview. One item per category is shown. Above the thumbnail image you will find the category name and indication as to how many items exist in that category. Below the category name, a drop-down list of subcategory links gives you the opportunity to zoom straight to all items in a particular subcategory. To first preview the subcategories, click on the arrows below the thumbnail image to see one exemplary item from each subcategory. Clicking directly on the thumbnail image will lead you to a page devoted to that particular item.
    • Descriptions, to give more in-depth information about the items found in each category. Follow the Product Categories link on the left sidebar to read what each category offers. An exemplary item from each category is featured for a visual reference. Click on the item to see it closer or put it in your cart. Below the category description, click on the word "Subcategories" to expose a list of links that will carry you to all items in a particular subcategory.

Product Categories and View All Products

Enter the web store and follow the Product Categories link on the left sidebar to read a description of each category. Follow category links to view all the products in a particular category. Keep in mind that some items fit well into more than one category, and that you may follow the View All Products link on the left sidebar to make sure you don't miss an item of interest.

Back/Forward Button on Your Browser

In some cases, clicking the Back or Forward button on your browser will interrupt smooth passage through our site. To avoid this problem, use on-site navigation tools whenever possible.

To Learn More About An Item

Clicking on the thumbnail image of an item will take you to a page devoted entirely to that item. There you can view a larger image of the item, and in some cases can view multiple images of the item, including close up and back side views. Often an interpretive description is added below the image. General information that may pertain to the item can be found in the category descriptions (Enter the web store and follow the Product Categories link on the left sidebar to read a description of each category). If additional information is desired, please contact customer service.

Pre-Order Today

$ 48.00
$ 48.00 

PREORDER yours today.  You asked and we listened.   It is in the long tradition of matryoshka political caricatures that Golden Cockerel creates this doll.  The 2020 Trump and Friends Matryoshka 5pc./6".  This highly collectible nester has some of our favorite moments in our current President's dictator friend circle. 

Also available for pre-order is the 2020 Trump Vote Doll and the 2020 Biden Democrats Matryoshka.

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