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Nesting Dolls Our Customers Have Painted

Here are some of the works of art our customers have created from Golden Cockerel blank nesting dolls:

Katie Mosman says: “Once again I have taken up the paint brush to paint one of the blank nesting dolls I bought off of your lovely website, it didn't take me quite so long as before thankfully as I was so eager to start. The doll is your blank chime doll, when you had it on special I couldn't resist buying it. I certainly had lots of fun painting as I listened to the chimes.”

Monster photographer stacking dolls by Sorrel Sparks of the United Kingdom. "Here is a set I decorated for my friend who is a photographer who loves the colour PINK! She loves them!"

Wendy Milovina painted these stacking dolls featuring the characters from Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books.

More lovely nesting dolls by Sallie Phipps.

Dustin DeGrande painted this matryoshka to look like his family. “I painted the entire family (including dogs) for my parents last Christmas. Shortly thereafter, I had to send them the smallest nesting doll (still nested when this photo was take), after our son was born.”

Painting a nesting doll can be a fun family art project! Mom and daughter, Mary and Nicole, decorated these stacking dolls together. Nicole is eight and collects nesting dolls.

These neat pirate stacking dolls were painted by Sorrel Sparks of the United Kingdom.

Sally Chandler made this nesting doll set as a gift for her daughter’s family. “I painted these for my daughter and son-in-law and their family while they were living in Huntersville, North Carolina, so they'd have a picture of their well-loved house there before they moved to Texas because of a job-transfer. The church is where they were married in our town in Massachusetts, in 1999. The portraits are on the front of each piece and on the reverse are the pictures showing that person doing something, such as my son in law who is a biker and Ironman Tri-athlete. The smallest piece shows their yellow lab Belle; on the reverse of her piece is a little Christmas tree because she arrived in their family on Christmas Eve as a tiny puppy. Love your nesting doll blanks! Thanks for offering them.”

We love these sweet little mushroom matryoshka girls by Sallie Phipps.

Another neat nesting doll set by Terry Savage.

Vicki Lewis of Washington painted this impressive set of nativity matryoshkas. We love the detail and colors! Click here to view more of Vicki's art.

Diana Thoren painted these Wu-Tang Clan dolls for her friend as a birthday present, including her pal as if she were one of the group. Cool!

Megan Teigen created these lovely stacking dolls.

Nancy Limprecht of Arlington, VA painted these matryoshkas. “This is a photo of portraits that I did of my two daughters' families. One includes husband, wife, toddler daughter, pet dog, and unborn baby. The other includes husband, wife, 4 year-old daughter, toddler daughter, and pet cat.”

Jeanne Prue of Newport, VT painted these stacking dolls for her grandchildren. Click here to view more of her work.

Monica Hossele painted these pretty nesting dolls.

Janet Dixon, one of our UK customers, has created a neat nesting doll painting tutorial. It is a CD-ROM with ten printable matryoshka templates. Use them as a guide for making nesting babies, birds, astronauts, and more. The CD also gives tips for those new to matryoshka painting. This is a great tool if you would like to paint your own nesting dolls but don’t know where to begin. For more information on Janet’s CD, click here.

Looking for a fun date night activity? Paint nesting dolls together! The two sets of dolls pictured above were painted by husband and wife Ed and Petra Anderson. Nice!

Terry Savage paints amazing owl dolls to sell in her Etsy shop, A portion of her proceeds go to animal charities. Great job!

Bill Bahr made this matryoshka as a gift for his son Chris' graduation from West Point. Here, we see Chris as a West Point Cadet, Army Officer, Desert Combat, Civies, and Rugby Player.

Ela Steel was commissioned to paint these nesting dolls as a Christmas gift. The recipient was a Karate instructor who loves matryoshka dolls! Neat!

Marci Donaldson painted these cool nesting dolls as Valentine's Day gifts for her sons. Nice!

Jessie O'Brien of Massachusetts decorated these three blank bottle holders using pyrography and paint. Beautiful! To see more of her work, visit her website at

By Carmen Barros of Cary, NC.

Katie Mosman of Australia painted this creative gem. “Thanks for the opportunity to paint my own [nesting doll],” she says. “I've enjoyed painting every eyelash from beginning to last.”

Katie Mosman of Australia painted this creative gem. “Thanks for the opportunity to paint my own [nesting doll],” she says. “I've enjoyed painting every eyelash from beginning to last.”

Tori Smith of Arizona created these impressive wood burned dolls.

This colorful nesting doll was painted by Janet Dixon of the United Kingdom.

Thanks to Jo Campbell of Indiana for sharing her nesting "sad girls" with us.

Lisa Reed of Washington used her blank matryoshka doll to recreate the Disney Channel's own Higgly Town Heroes.

Artist Kim Carney says of her dolls, "I ordered a 12-piece nesting doll set that was sitting on my desk. I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for but as an artist, I could envision all kinds of opportunities for creating something fun for work. When my creative director announced his departure to another job, I looked at those blank nesting dolls on my desk, counted the artist on staff, and had a vision of a fun going-away present. Each artist decorated or painted a 'mini-me' on a blank nesting doll. Being the 'bag lady' who carries around magazines and books all the time, I made 'mini-me' with lots of baggage, including tiny magazines. We told our creative director he could have his own little staff meeting with or without us." You can see more of Kim's awesome art at her website, "Something to See."

Kiki Reed created these two masterpieces.

Jody Brunatti did an amazing job on these beautiful nesting dolls.

Mar Hernandez, aka Malota, did a fantastic job with these dolls. You can see more of Malota's art at her website,

Nina Knox of South Carolina writes, “These were created using scenes from Toy Story and Toy Story 2. My three-year-old son LOVES nesting dolls, and always gets so excited when he sees them come on the screen. I decided to try painting them for him myself, and I was quite pleased how they turned out. I plan to give them to my son for Christmas.” We think they came out great, too!

”Pink Daisies” nesting doll by Carmen Barros of Cary, NC.

A lovely winter-themed nesting doll by Carmen Barros of North Carolina.

The lovely nesting dolls pictured above were done by women in Lauren Rader's "Releasing the Creative Powers Within" workshop. Great job, ladies! Click here to visit Lauren's website.

Two more lovely matryoshka dolls painted by Carmen Barros of NC. Way to go!

Frosty Pumpkins, Oh My!

Looking forward to waking up in the morning and seeing that first dusting of crystal frost across the farm?  We know the feeling.  Behold the Golden Cockerel Frost on the Pumpkin Matryoshka.  Guaranteed to remind you of frosty mornings year round.

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