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World's Smallest Nesting Dolls

How small is the world’s smallest nesting doll? Nesting dolls can be very small. The doll shown above is 1” tall with 5 pieces that nest together. The smallest piece is about the size of a grain of rice and could fit underneath your fingernail! Matryoshka artists use a magnifying glass to paint dolls this small.

Other impressive sizes are a 1.5” doll with 10 pieces and a 3” doll with 15 pieces. The 10 piece doll pictured above is 1.5" tall and shows a piece of wrapped candy in the background to provide a sense of scale.

Wood must be carved wafer thin to house the subsequent dolls inside, a task only the most gifted carvers are capable of. The delicate wood will surely break in the hands of the wrong person. Because of this, there are only a handful of carvers in the entire world who make mini matryoshka dolls. Valry Androvsky and his wife create the mini nesting dolls pictured here. Valery carves and his wife paints. They make traditional peasant girl stacking dolls, but an array of other styles as well. Snowmen and Santas, penguins and pigs, bunnies and bulls all come out of their workshop. They are detailed right down to the smallest piece.

Mini dolls make a unique addition to a nesting doll collection. They are sure to delight folks of all ages. Click here to shop for mini Russian matryoshka dolls.

Frosty Pumpkins, Oh My!

Looking forward to waking up in the morning and seeing that first dusting of crystal frost across the farm?  We know the feeling.  Behold the Golden Cockerel Frost on the Pumpkin Matryoshka.  Guaranteed to remind you of frosty mornings year round.

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