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If you're into puffins, you'll fall in love with this Cyrano de Bergerac of the puffin colony.  He's got a very noticeable honker, and an exceptionally big heart!  Inspired by an award-winning photograph by Megan Lorenz, this nesting doll has an enchanting back story.  Here is how Megan tells it:

Making Amends

Perched precariously on the edge of a cliff desperately trying to overcome my fear of heights, I watched this Atlantic puffin pull a wild iris from the ground and walk along the cliff toward me. He stopped for a moment giving me just enough time to capture him with blue sky in the background before he dropped the flower over the side where his mate was waiting at the burrow entrance.


I’ve always been crazy about puffins and was thrilled to capture this once in a lifetime moment. I invite you to enjoy this whimsical puffin nesting doll as a souvenir of this incredible experience.  Add this very original wildlife nesting doll to your collection!  The 1.5” long 3-D Beak, purple iris dangling from his mouth and large size makes this a special piece to display in your home.  Open him up and you’ll find the whole flock:  one has a fish in the beak, one incubates an egg, and two more enjoy a moment in the grass.  A group of puffins is often referred to as a circus and now you have your own circus to bring you a smile every day.  

Megan Lorenz

Canadian wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz won the 2015 Windland Smith Rice International Awards Grand Prize with this photo titled Making Amends.  In 2012 she received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions to Canadian photography.




Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6"

  • Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6
  • Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6
  • Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6
  • Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6
  • Making Amends Puffin Nesting Doll w/ 3D Beak 5pc./6

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