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Standing in front of our shop is quite possibly one of the largest Russian nesting dolls in the world!  We call her Big Bella, and she is indeed a very big, eye-catching Russian matryoshka!  it is a thrill to hug this mega doll--she's too big to wrap your arms around.  

To create this "world's largest Russian doll",  we glued together sculpted pine boards, then primed and painted in the style of The Rooster Girl, the world's first Russian doll.  Our Rooster Girl holds a Golden Cockerel, of course.  This technique produced a doll that is hollow, but cannot be opened as a traditional nesting doll could.  And at nearly 300 pounds, who would want to open her!  She stands sturdily and cannot be easily tipped over.  Perhaps you'd like for us to put wheels on her so she can be rolled about?  

Do you want a life-size nesting doll painted in your own custom design?  We stand ready to paint and deliver a custom matyroshka doll of your own vision.  But if you like our design, and/or don't have time to wait for use to create your doll, we'll be happy to sell you ours, one-of-a-kind though she be.

We can arrange for white-glove delivery anywhere you wish of this massive matryoshka, painted or unpainted.  Let us know what would suit you.


Life-Size Matryoshka Doll 1pc./5'3"

  • Life-Size Matryoshka Doll 1pc./5'3
  • Life-Size Matryoshka Doll 1pc./5'3
  • Life-Size Matryoshka Doll 1pc./5'3
  • Life-Size Matryoshka Doll 1pc./5'3

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