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Ever wonder what living under Soviet communism did to the Russian soul? Well here is a nesting doll that depicts the transformation as we at Golden Cockerel imagine it. The innermost piece is a happy, traditional, innocent matryoshka girl. The middle "maiden" is a serious Soviet woman bearing a hammer and sickle. Consternation on her brow reveals the honeymoon with utopian dreams is over. Finally, the largest doll is a vampire matryoshka, symbolic of the Soviet state. Wouldn't George Orwell approve? The doll reads "Museum of Communism" on the back, as the concept for this Russian doll was derived from a poster advertising the Museum of Communism in Prague, Czech Republic. Not the first time, and certainly won't be the last time, Matryoshka is used as a vehicle of political satire. We only hope that Vladimir Putin pays attention and the past does not repeat itself so quickly. As a nesting doll collector, I am thrilled to have this Russian doll in my matreshka nesting doll collection.


Soviet Communist Matryoshka 3pc./3.5"

  • Soviet Communist Matryoshka 3pc./3.5
  • Soviet Communist Matryoshka 3pc./3.5
  • Soviet Communist Matryoshka 3pc./3.5

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Category: Nesting Dolls
Collection Folk Motifs
Russian History
Pieces in a Set 3 pieces
Production Technique Hand Painted/ Decoupage
Size 3.5 inches
Workshop Golden Cockerel Brand
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