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December 05, 2001: Harry Potter Fantasy Theme Items


The magic of Russian nesting dolls cast a spell over me years ago. Like many of you, I can remember the first doll of my childhood, a Semenov 5-piece my great aunt brought back from a far-away place. It was enchanting. A simple nesting doll, it carried the spirit of the Old World, of a land of dragons, wizards, and kings’ castles. The land of Middle Earth, Gandalf, and Bilbo Baggins.

Now, Harry Potter is taking a new generation of dreamers there. A place where owls deliver mail and dragons do breathe fire.

We at Golden Cockerel honor the magic of fantasy and have had fun transfiguring the nesting doll into fanciful creations meant to remind us of legend, of forgotten worlds, of the child within. Owls, dragons, magicians, and more… Follow this link to discover what good magic we offer here: Swish-n-Flick!

Remember, have fun! Walton

Pre-Order Today

$ 48.00
$ 48.00 

PREORDER yours today.  You asked and we listened.   It is in the long tradition of matryoshka political caricatures that Golden Cockerel creates this doll.  The 2020 Trump and Friends Matryoshka 5pc./6".  This highly collectible nester has some of our favorite moments in our current President's dictator friend circle. 

Also available for pre-order is the 2020 Trump Vote Doll and the 2020 Biden Democrats Matryoshka.

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