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February 16, 2007: Egg-spress Yourself with Golden Cockerel!

Easter craft project idea from Golden Cockerel

Looking for a creative project that's both beautiful and educational? You can try copying some of nature's jewels - bird's eggs.

Shown here is one example of a set of 5-piece blank nesting eggs ( item #100057) painted to resemble eggs from various species. You can check your library for patterns and ideas -- two books to seek are The Nest: An Artist's Sketchbook (Maryjo Koch) and "A Field Guide to the Birds' Nests" (Hal H. Harrison) Remember - never remove eggs from a nest in the wild!

Golden Cockerel offers 5- and 7-piece nested egg sets ready for you to apply your artistic touch. See our web store to order your very own set of blank nesting eggs, and get creative! A great Easter craft project for the whole family!

(Our thanks to Karen Anderson of Faith & Family Magazine)


$ 41.99
$ 41.99 


Here comes our Babushka, known "far and wide" for her beautifully painted Ukrainian pisanki(Easter eggs). She spends the winter months in preparation for the Easter Festival in Moskva, where they always win first prize and you get to see her in action and read about her adventures.  Warm your heart with this nesting doll and book set as spring comes to town. 

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