MIR Airplane Nesting Doll 3pc./4"

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This item is discontinued and no longer available for sale. Interested in a custom product similar to MIR Airplane Nesting Doll 3pc./4" but personalized to your needs?
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An idea for a nesting doll that's sure to take off! This is a matryoshka unlike any other. Inside this charming blue airplane nest 2 crew members. Printed on the airplane's side is the word "MIR" which is Russian for "peace" and "world." You might think of it as our World Peace Airlines, straight from Russia. Notice how the jets on the wings are made of smaller nesting dolls – cool! A great gift idea for an airline stewardess, a pilot, an aviator of any sort, or any nesting doll enthusiast who will be thrilled with this rare and creative Golden Cockerel original! Of course, this item could be custom-made to become a promotional item for any airline.
Production Technique Fully Hand Painted
Size 4"

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