Gallant 8pc. Bone China Coffee Set for 2

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The Russians borrow inspiration from classic Greek architecture and design for the creation of this elegant coffee set. The tall, slim form reminds one of a column of the Parthenon. The hand-painted floral pattern appears to be climbing up a trellis in a Greek garden. The curve of the cup and the thin, light bone china speaks of refinement and wisdom. Enjoy your breakfast on the veranda this morning and pour your coffee from this Gallant set and drink of an ancient golden age. The set includes one cup and saucer for you, and one for your significant other, a coffee pot, a sugar bowl, and then a pair of dessert plates for the pastry of your dreams! The dainty coffee cups hold 160 ml (about 2/3rds of a cup of strong coffee), while the pot holds 630 ml (about enough to fill 4 of the dainty cups). The European-sized dessert plates measure 6".

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