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This item is discontinued and no longer available for sale. Interested in a custom product similar to Traditional Collection Starter but personalized to your needs?
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Whether you are a new nesting doll collector or just looking to add to your trove, Golden Cockerel offers some nesting doll essentials that should not be overlooked. We’ve divided our best selling dolls into three groups, which you might use as a buyer’s guide, but which also can be purchased together with one click as a great Collection Starter. Each Collection Starter features our customers’ long-time favorites, broken into three main flavors: Traditional, Animal, and Fun. Any one group makes quite an impressive display and a super gift idea. Remember—each doll is full of nesting pieces; you’ll be delighted at how much mileage you get for the money. 120 pieces in all! Imagine the expression on your child’s face when they find a whole Collection Starter staring at them from under the Christmas tree!

If you are a dealer, this Collection Starter makes a great initial purchase for setting up a nesting doll display in your shop!

    The kit includes:
  1. 1 The Littlest Matryoshka Book & Doll Set (001400-S)
  2. 1 The Magic Nesting Doll Book & Doll Set (001401-S)
  3. 1 Polkhovski Maidan Doll 5pc./6" 103054
  4. 1 Polkhovski Maidan Doll 7pc./8" (103074)
  5. 1 Zagorsk Doll 5pc./5" (104052)
  6. 1 Nolinsk Straw Inlay Doll 8pc./6" (105081)
  7. 6 Art Doll 5pc./3" (110050)
  8. 1 Woodburned Doll 5pc./5" (120052)
  9. 1 Rooster Girl - Reproduction of 1st Nesting Doll 8pc./7" (114082)
  10. 1 Woodburned Church Doll 5pc./4" (121050)
  11. 1 Woodburned Floral Doll 5pc./4"(121051)
  12. 1 Fire Bird Doll 5pc./5" w/Story (157053)
  13. 1 Silver Hoof Doll 7pc./8" with Story (157079)
  14. 1 Art Doll "Khokhloma" 5pc./4" (110051-K)
  15. 1 Art Doll "Rainbow" 5pc./4" (110051-R)
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