Sochi Slopestyle Nesting Doll 10pc./11"

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Here's your first and last chance at an awesome Sochi Olympics collectible souvenir-the Golden Cockerel replica of the huge Sochi slopestyle matryoshka.  If you watched the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, you couldn't help but notice the monstrous matryoshka figurine at the top of the ski slope for the ski and snowboarding slopesstyle events.  Several sports fans asked us if we could source a nesting replica of that big doll.  So we created one with all the pizazz!   In addition to the awesome art motifs originally found on the doll, we added silhouetted images of some snowboard and ski tricks.  The 10th doll in the set (smallest) reads “Sochi  2014”. 

The largest doll stands 11”, and is signed and dated by our workshop team, and numbered in a limited edition series of 100 units, no more.  It looks fabulous.


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