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Search Guidelines

Empower yourself by following these search rules and suggestions:

  • Search either keywords or item numbers. The search engine checks not only item names and numbers for matches, but also descriptions.
  • Search is not case sensitive. Keyword "Angel" produces the same results as "angel".
  • The more abbreviated your keyword, the more items it will find. For example, "cat" produced more results than "cats". Likewise, "pig" will find more items than "piglet".
  • Search item numbers and fragments of item numbers to find things fast. Searching "144056", for example, will find the Yellow Submarine Doll, whereas searching "144" will produce all of our Beatles nesting sets.
  • If you turn off "exact match", you can search more than one keyword or item number at a time by separating entries with a space, comma, or ampersand. For example, searching "110050 150050" finds the two targeted items.
  • Selecting the "exact match" option narrows your search to just those items that contain all of the keywords you submit. If this option is selected, a search for "frog doll" returns only frog-related dolls; if this option is not selected, a search for "frog doll" returns all frog items and all doll items, which could be a bit overwhelming!
  • Turn off the "exact match" option if you want to find diverse items in one search. For example, to find all nurse items and all nun items in one search, turn off the "exact match" option and search keywords "nurse nun". Using these keywords and the "exact match" option will only produce items that feature nuns who are also nurses.

Bargain of the Day

$ 36.00
$ 27.00  Save $9.00!

Our set of 5 Nesting Bird Eggs features wooden eggs hand painted to mimic the real eggs laid by these birds: Golden Eagle, Osprey, Rufous-Sided (Eastern) Towhee, American Robin, and Song Sparrow.  Add this bit of a bird's nest to your home and you'll forever be reminded of what great things come in small packages.

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