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October 17, 2005: Southern Christmas Show

Our next showing will be in Charlotte, NC, at the Southern Christmas Show. This 12-days-of Christmas show is open to the public and is fun for the whole family. Find there our full array of Russian gifts and collectibles, plus one-of-a-kind items that don’t get featured at our web site or in our catalog. Everyone’s favorite place at the show is our BARGAIN TABLE, where 2nds and clearance items can be purchased at “good will” prices. We’ll also have a basket of Russian orphan brooches there for you to sort through to pick the perfect gift. Find us in Freedom Hall at booth #3214 at the Charlotte (NC) Merchandise Mart. Want to find out more about the show or get directions? Contact Southern Shows @ 704-376-6594. See you there!

Behold! St Basil's Cathedral

$ 170.00
$ 119.00  Save $51.00!

According to legend or myth, Czar Ivan the Terrible who commisioned St. Basil's asked the architects if they could surpass this cathedral with one more magnificent. When they replied that they could, Ivan had them blinded so that a structure more beautiful would never grace planet Earth.  Behold this glorious music box which plays "Lara's Theme" from Dr. Zhivago.

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