Custom Caricature Doll

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This item is discontinued and no longer available for sale. Interested in a custom product similar to Custom Caricature Doll but personalized to your needs?
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Some of the finest Russian nesting dolls available today depict royalty: Nicholas & Alexandra, Peter the Great, even Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Now you and your family can join this fine company.
Let our artists create a fun and whimsical nesting doll of your loved ones; it will be a conversation piece and most surprising gift. We send your photographs to St. Petersburg, Russia, where our artists hand paint caricatures based upon your instructions. (While a caricature doll offers one particular style, you might also like to consider our Custom Photo Doll, featuring the application of your photos directly on a nesting doll.) In order to capture the best possible likeness, we need good color copies of photographs of each subject. Scanned images e-mailed to us will work fine. We require full payment in advance, but guarantee your complete satisfaction. If for some reason you are not entirely pleased, return the item to us for a refund, less an $45 handling charge.
We will have your custom doll delivered to you in about two months from the day we receive your order, with priority given to first orders. Expedited delivery is possible.
Baseline cost (5 portraits or less): $225 for a 5pc./6" doll. Add $20 for each additional subject.
6 faces: $245 for a 7pc./8" doll.

And so on. Call us to quote your project. A 15% discount is given on additional copies of the same doll.

UPS Ground Shipping is included at no extra charge.

To order, please call customer service to confirm pricing and an estimated delivery schedule.

Should you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us.

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