Obama & Democratic Presidents Doll 5pc./5"

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Here's a classic artifact of Americana!  President Barack Obama's nesting doll opens up to reveal the preceding four Democratic presidents.  And they are are all delightfully detailed! 

Obama beams with the victory of American justice, patriotically waving Old Glory and giving "thumbs up" for getting America back on track.  On the back of the Obama doll you'll find his historic innaguaral address -- in it's entirety -- in micro print (get out your magnifying glass!).

The President Bill Clinton nesting doll shows him holding a bouquet of flowers in his right hand, but he's hiding his left hand (with wedding ring) behind his back.  They didn't call him "Slick Willy" for nothing.

The Russian doll with President Jimmy Carter has him holding a sack of peanuts, while the nesting doll with President Lyndon Banes Johnson features him holding a Viet-Nam era helicopter.

Finally, the smallest nesting doll features President John Fitzgerald Kennedy holding a missile left over from the historic Cuban Missile Crisis, which they well remember in Russia, too.

Russian artists at the Golden Cockerel workshop skillfully blend hand painting and decoupage to create this highly collectible political nesting dolls of American Democratic presidents.

Production Technique Hand Painted/ Decoupage
Size 5"

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