Fire Bird Nesting Doll 7pc./8" -- One-of-a-kind

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This item is discontinued and no longer available for sale. Interested in a custom product similar to Fire Bird Nesting Doll 7pc./8" -- One-of-a-kind but personalized to your needs?
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You’ll be amazed at the wealth of detail that has gone into this one-of-a-kind 7-piece Fire Bird doll. The piece is a tribute to the longtime favorite Russian folk tale where Prince Ivan sets off on a journey to find the fire bird that has been eating the apples in his father’s garden, and overcomes numerous obstacles with the help of a magical gray wolf. The artist paints various scenes from the story with remarkable skill, utilizing glitter, gold foil, and applying bits of clay to give the dolls a truly unique look. The contrasting bright colors in the doll’s dress and deep hues in the fire bird images make the piece appear vibrant and pleasing to the eye. This is truly a beauty that no camera can adequately convey.
Size 8"

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