Old Moscow Doll 15pc./14" by Zarubin

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Only one of these will EVER be available: master artist Zarubin gives us his hallmark--a very realistic face for Matryoshka--on a doll that depicts the stunning sites of Old Moscow. So extremely Russian in flavor, the artwork on this large doll set brings to life not only the lovely architecture (St. Basil's cathedral on Red Square, for example), but importantly, also the people, decked in colorful festive costume. And one of the most stunning aspects of Zarubin's work is the finely detailed floral work that adorns the matryoshka's shawl--absolutely mind-boggling! The back of the doll is as much a show piece as the front! If you have never been to Moscow, this doll will take you there. If you have been, this work of art will re-color your memory of the trip so that when you close your eyes, you'll hear the jingle of sleigh bells as a troika glides across the huge expanse of Red Square. I could go on and on... This doll deserves a very special home.

“The less you know, the more soundly you sleep.” –Russian Proverb

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