Gold Fish Fairy Tale Doll 5pc./6"

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On Sale!! Last one in stock!!! This beautiful doll is now marked down due to chipping in the paint around the seams on dolls 1 and 2. 

A beautiful matryoshka, depicting Alexander Pushkin's story poem in rich colors and intricate detail. Artist Irina Kummer brings much talent and experience to the task of making this matryoshka as beautiful and charming as a Palekh lacquered miniature box. Each of the dolls in this five piece set is a window into a fairy tale world. The gold foil work makes it extra special. Truly a rare find for the nesting doll collector. Fully handpainted at the Golden Cockerel workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The poem "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" was written by Alexander Pushkin in 1833. One day, and old fisherman catches a small golden fish in his net. The fish begs him to let it go free, promising the man anything he wishes in return. The fisherman obliges and goes home to his wife, who starts making demands of the magical fish. In the end, the lesson we learn is this: don't be greedy or you may end up with nothing at all.


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