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The original Rooster Girl resides in the Toy Museum of Sergiev Possad. Click to learn more.

Would you believe the very first nesting doll, created well over 100 years ago, was meant to be a sort of promotional item? The doll depicted a peasant family and symbolized the simple life of the countryside--she was the artist's attempt to promote interest in Russia's romantic past.

And she was a huge success! The novelty of the nesting figures has captured the imagination of everyone who holds them, one generation after the next. The charm of the medium itself captures the audience. There is profound beauty in its simple complexity.

So take this winning medium, fashion it into just the right shape, and say with it what you will. It's fun. It's unique. Collectible. Memorable. Fascinating! It's a conversation piece. People will talk about you!

Nike Russian matryoshka doll

These custom Russian matryoshkas were made for Nike to promote a new line of snowboarding gear. After the project was completed, Nike sent us this note of thanks: "[The dolls] look great. I appreciate all of your hard work and the time we have spent going back and forth to make a great idea come to reality. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Coca-Cola Russian matryoshka doll

Just a soda can? Think again! The good people at Coca-Cola wanted a neat promo item to commemorate their sponsorship in the 2008 Summer Olympics. We designed a 5-piece wooden Russian matryoshka doll that looked just like a Coke can. “Coca-Cola” was written in a different language on each can--Chinese, English, Thai, Ethiopian, and Russian. We produced a few thousand custom Russian dolls for the company. They loved it!

South Park Russian matryoshka doll

A special batch of blank dolls had to be carved to capture the characters of Comedy Central’s South Park in matryoshka form. Let us know if you are interested in custom nesting doll with a non-traditional shape! We are happy to accommodate you! Here, we find Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Mr. Hankey.

Wild Thornberrys Movie Russian matryoshka doll

We produced this custom Russian matryoshka as a promotional item for Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys Movie. The outermost doll features main character Eliza Thornberry and Darwin the chimpanzee, followed by Eliza's dad Sir Nigel Thornberry, mom Marianne, sister Debbie, and adopted brother Donnie. Nickelodeon received rave reviews for the movie and their cool promo item as well.

Discovery Channel Russian matryoshka doll

Here is promotional project that we did for the Discovery Channel. This set of custom nesting dolls features Paul Teutul of Orange County Choppers, Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch, Peter Schmeichel of the European Dirty Jobs, Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters, as well as Buster the robot.

Game Show Network Russian matryoshka doll

We made this set of five custom nesting dolls for the Game Show Network. The set featured the hosts of several game shows on GSN: Chuck Woolery of Lingo, Bob Goen of That’s the Question, Shandi Finnessey of PlayMania, Dylan Lane of Chain Reaction, and Regis Philbin of Who Wants to be a Millionare?.

Comcast Russian matryoshka doll

You custom Russian nesting doll can have as many or few pieces as you like. We made this 3-piece set as a promotional item for Comcast. We bet their customers think of them every time they see this attractive little matryoshka.

Manchester Soccer Team Russian matryoshka doll

This custom nesting doll was made for the Manchester Soccer Team. A custom doll makes a great memento of a big win!

Nescafe Russian matryoshka doll

We made these custom matryoshkas for Nescafe Australia, Ltd. The nesting dolls were carved to look just like their coffee jars. We printed and applied a coffee label, and hand painted the rest. The company used the doll to promote five new varieties in their line of coffees.

Nu Skin Cruise Russian matryoshka doll

These matryoshka dolls were made for Nu Skin as cruise gifts. We received this note of thanks: “I received the shipment of the dolls today. They are truly wonderful. I am excited to able to present these items to our guests on the cruise in June. Also, thank you for packaging them so carefully. I noticed right away how well they were packed, and after receiving items from another vendor just yesterday that were in broken boxes and shoddy packaging, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the detail.”

BMI Russian airplane matryoshka doll

These neat airplane dolls were made as promo items for UK airline BMI. The airplane opens up to reveal a stewardess and pilot.

Microsoft Russian matryoshka doll

This nesting doll was made for Microsoft to promote their .Net Framework.

Back side of the nesting doll made for Timberland Investment Services

Timberland Investment Services wanted to place their investment options in their top customers' hands in a tangible way. We carved and painted for them a deluxe nesting doll that opened up to depict each of their investment plans. Unforgettable! They were so pleased with the doll's success they followed up with a custom Christmas ornament bearing their logo for all of their customers.

Watson Wyatt Worldwide wanted an item to promote their professional, multicultural image. We designed for them a business man doll that reflected that image. Each of the nesting figures was holding Watson Wyatt Worldwide letterhead, of course.

Discovery Channel for Kids included a nesting doll in a promotional package to emphasize how they are reaching a smaller and smaller audience. The ideas are endless. And powerful.

Nesting aircraft with a family of Mummi Trolls - company characters for Finnair airlines

Give us your idea, and supply us with your artwork if you like, and we'll design a product to your satisfaction. Insofar as we start from scratch (taking the trees from the Russian forest), we will hand carve your doll in as many pieces as befits your project, and in any shape. If a mid-to-high end product is desired, we'll hand paint your images onto the dolls, making them as exquisite or simple as the project demands. A high gloss lacquer will make the finished product shine.

'Being John Malkovich' nesting doll - the best promotional merchandise.' - Premier magazine, January 2000

When cost, time, and large quantities become primary factors, we turn to digital designs and state-of-the-art printing equipment. Thus we rise above the limitations of the conventional cottage industry to produce a high-tech, low-cost nesting doll that otherwise would be impossible to make in huge quantities, and yet, with hand-painted accents, the doll retains its romantic qualities. Take a look at our "Being John Malkovich" page to learn more about our capabilities and achievements.

Companies Are Singing Our Praises!
From Dr. Pepper: I wanted to once again thank you for providing us with an amazing gift to our [cruise] attendees. The feedback we have received is phenomenal and people who didn't even go on the trip are begging me for a doll!

From XOM This is a much-overdue note of thanks for your amazing turn-around and quality on the nesting doll for XOM. The client just loved it! Totally a hit. Thanks so much for getting it to us on time and for doing such a great job.

I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing the nesting dolls are that you made for Nu Skin. We received them while on the cruise (St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen) and only realized after returning home how truly unique and special they are. They are just beautiful and we want to thank both you and Nu Skin for making them for us. - Virginia Bryson of Provo, UT

Just follow this link to see a variety of the custom products we have created for companies big and small: More Promotional Items

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