Charlie Brown Christmas Nesting Doll 5pc./5"

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It's a Charlie Brown Christmas on this 5-piece nesting doll. Snoopy, dressed as Santa, rings in the cheer of the season along with his friends. Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus form a holiday chorus, while tiny Woodstock chirps beneath the famous Peanuts Christmas tree. Celebrate the season with this charming holiday matryoshka. Produced in St. Petersburg, Russia, by Golden Cockerel. Charles Schultz's beloved cartoon characters have now entered the magical realm of nesting dolls. Join us in celebrating classic Americana in classic Russian style. Production Techniques: Hand Painting/ Decoupage. This doll was carved in the Upper Volga region, then delivered to the Golden Cockerel workshop in St. Petersburg , Russia . Our artists first hand paint the background, then apply various detailed elements, such as faces, which we print on a very thin vinyl adhesive. Such elements are reproduced original works of art we make specifically for nesting doll design. It is the artist's magic brush that blends the two forms of artwork together into a unified piece. Finally we baptize each doll in multiple layers of non-toxic water-based lacquer to make a marvelous matryoshka that will delight children and collectors. The bottom of the largest doll gets stamped with Golden Cockerel's "Made in Russia" mark of quality, initialed by the artist, and dated like a true collectible. PEANUTS Copyright , United Feature Syndicate, Inc. This product was officially licensed and now is discontinued.
Size 5"

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