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Custom Russian Matryoshkas: Family Photo Custom Nesting Dolls

Some of the finest Russian nesting dolls available today depict royalty: Nicholas & Alexandra, Peter the Great, even Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Now you and your family can join this fine company.

We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
From the family matriarch, to the newest addition, there is a place for everyone on a nesting doll.

et Golden Cockerel create a fun family nesting doll of your loved ones; it will be a conversation piece and most surprising gift. Make any kind of custom nesting doll you want!

We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
Custom Family Russian Dolls are most popular. That includes, of course, the beloved dog and err...turtle.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
Especially for scenic photographs, framing the photos on the dolls offers a fancy effect. Imagine landscapes from your wonderful vacation in Russia, each doll another stop on your Volga cruise. The possibilities are endless.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
Blue and Beige are the standard background options, but we welcome you to request any color, or variety of colors, you prefer. Here's a good example of a doll with custom background colors.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
As an alternative to the traditional doll shape, we offer a nesting egg, too. We suggest this Easter background as a good one for depicting the first years of your grandchild's life.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
Or choose the Preschool background to celebrate those early years.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
How many children, or grandchildren, do you have? Upgrade to a larger nesting doll, or put several kids on each doll--we can fit them all.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
A customized photo nesting doll makes a unique and special gift. A text banner can be added to further customize your doll. The banner on the doll above reads (in Russian) “To my beloved husband on his birthday.” The doll shows her husband's age progression from child to man.

Sold? Here's How to Order:

1) Contact to have us e-mail you a Custom Photo Nesting Doll Order Form.

2) E-mail us your completed order form, along with your photographs.

3) We'll forward your photos and instructions to our nesting doll workshop in Russia, where we'll make the nesting doll of your dreams. While our skilled designers will cut, crop, and enhance your photographs as needed to transfer them onto a wooden Russian doll; the clearer, more professional your photos, the more pleasing the end result. Scanned images e-mailed to us will work fine.

4) Based on the shipping option you selected, we'll deliver your doll in as little as two weeks, or the standard two months.

The quality of these doll is fantastic. We print your photos on extremely thin vinyl, which we then adhere to the wooden doll. High-gloss lacquer will give your doll a brilliant shine and protective finish. The photos never peel, and the doll will last for generations as a keepsake. You'll be delighted with the overall beauty of these Old World dolls.

We require full payment in advance, but guarantee your complete satisfaction. If for some reason you are not entirely pleased, return the item to us for a refund, less shipping charges. Disclaimer: when flat photographs are placed on the curved surface of a Russian doll, there will naturally be some distortion of the images.

Baseline cost: $99 for a 5pc./6" Russian matryoshka doll featuring as many as 5 simple subjects. While it is possible to place more than one individual on a single doll (ex. husband and wife posing together), we will have to see your photographs to assess additional charges, if any.

Add $20 for each additional subject/doll added to the nested set.

6 subjects: $119 for a 7pc./6" nesting doll (last doll with name or flower).

7 subjects: $139 for a 7pc./8" nesting doll.

And so on. Call us to quote your special project.

A whopping 50% discount is given on additional copies of the same doll! Make one for everyone in the family to keep as an heirloom. Ask us for additional discounts for quantities larger than 15 units.

For USA: Standard Delivery (2 months) is only $8.50. Rush Service (1 month) is $20. Rush Rush Expedited Service (2 weeks) is $175.

Delivery Outside the USA: Standard Delivery-N/A. Rush Service (1 month) is $20. Rush Rush Expedited Service (2 weeks) is $175.

Should you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us. To get started, please request an Order Form now:

We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
Imagine your family on an authentic Russian nesting doll. The gift that always surprises and delights.
We Make Custom Family Photo Nesting Dolls
From family to friends, to special occasions like wedding and graduations--special memories are preserved in a special way.

Pre-Order Today

$ 48.00
$ 48.00 

PREORDER yours today.  You asked and we listened.   It is in the long tradition of matryoshka political caricatures that Golden Cockerel creates this doll.  The 2020 Trump and Friends Matryoshka 5pc./6".  This highly collectible nester has some of our favorite moments in our current President's dictator friend circle. 

Also available for pre-order is the 2020 Trump Vote Doll and the 2020 Biden Democrats Matryoshka.

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