Baba Yaga w/ Broom Doll 3pc./5"

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Warning: Nesting dolls with small parts present a choking hazard. The primary safety concern with nesting dolls is that many of them contain small parts that might cause an infant to choke. Therefore, very few nesting dolls are appropriate for children 3 years of age, or younger. Please do not let your children put nesting dolls into their mouths!

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100% Natural Linden Wood

Small parts, not children under 3 years.

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This wonderfully unique nesting doll tells the story of Koshei the Immortal and Baba Yaga, the famous witch of Russia folklore. Each brightly painted stacking doll is different in form, adding to the charm of this unusual nester. First there's Baba Yaga herself, flying about in her mortar (according to legend, she uses the pestle as a rudder) and holding the broom with which she sweeps away her tacks so no one can see where she's been. This witch features a 3-D bulbous nose, plus many witchy details painted all about the doll, such as a black cat and poisonous mushrooms. Inside Baba Yaga you'll find her famous House on a Chicken Foot, which she commands to walk about at will. This magical house harbors the hollow Duck Egg with a secret treasure: a Silver Needle which is critical for breaking the powers of the evil sorcerer Koshei the deathless. Yes, all of that comes in this small little curiosity of a matryoshka. Be a fan of Russian folk lore!
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